What can I do to sell your property?

Here is a list of some of the activities we are involved in to gain exposure and results for you in the sale of your property. There can never be any one (or even two or three) activities that will definitely procure a buyer for your property because you never know where buyers are going to come from. Are they already here in town, or are they on their way from another city? Will they respond to an advertisement or a yard sign, or will they simply be a referral from a friend of someone who sells real estate in this area? To sell your property with the maximum of opportunity, I have to open all the channels. For example: Yard Signs, Advertisements, Websites (over 25 different sites), Open houses (at locations easy for buyers to find), flyers, MLS, books and computers, exposure to past clients, etc.--EACH of these and more contribute to the overall goal of getting your house sold.

I'm efficient and dependable. I also believe that once you hire me, you are entitled to know whatever I know. That means that you will always hear from me--whether there is good news or bad news. I won't disappear after the sign goes up. You will be able to reach me direct, not a processor or assistant.

 "I'll Make It A Smooth Move!!!"